We hope you guys made it onto the Hogwarts express yesterday! The HPA Guelph team is gearing up for another awesome semester, and we can’t wait to welcome new members.

    Stay tuned for information about our first meeting, and make sure to check us out at Club Days in the UC!


  2. Hey Gryphons! Have you ever wished that Dumbledore’s Army was real? That you could fight injustice the way Katniss challenges the Capitol? That you could save Middle Earth along with Sam and Frodo? Well, you kinda can. The HPA uses parallels from fiction and pop culture to tackle social justice issues in our world. Want to make a difference on our campus and around the world? Come find out how!

    Our first meeting is this Thursday, February 27th, at 5:30pm in MacKinnon 311. RSVP to the event here!

  3. Come and see us at club days in the UC today and tomorrow. Sign up and be a hero!


  4. Something is brewing….

    Stay tuned for more info coming soon!